AntiQuark news archive

:::May 2007 AntiQuark was on tour in April-May 2007 in Germany and Italy.

:::December 2006 AntiQuark Fall Euro Tour was a success!

:::October 2006 AntiQuark Euro Tour coming up, October 20th first show.

:::August 2006 New T-Shirts available! click

:::June 2006 Tons of new pics from the 2005 BellaItalia Tour
Listen to AntiQuark on this fun internet radio station

:::May 2006
Check the upcoming shows page on

New free-online compilation featuring the song Planet X by AntiQuark: Browsers in Arms compilation

:::October 2005
We just got back from the Italian –Bella Italia Tour, we had an amazing time, thanks to all of you that made this possible.

:::March 2005
AntiQuark is the winner of the Media Arts Award Competition!

:::November 2004
NEW!! SilkScreen T-shirt available, click to order! pics very soon!!!

:::September 2004
AntiQuark is on tour. Here is the schedule
AntiQuark –
The AttaQ was featured at KKSM

:::June 2004
We are planning a US West Coast tour for early September 2004.
here for more info

:::April 2004
We are on a new compilation that has just been released, called A Taste of Darkness, on Pet Set Records. Other artists included are ToterMusikantProjekt, Minuit, Recant, Murderous Red Glare, Earnest Rapture, Another Emotion, Dev, Secuencia Luminal, and Blind Before Dawn. To order go here.

:::February 2004
We have a new project– FutureSongs. We want people to give us ideas for things they’d like to happen– personal wishes, world events, or anything– that we can write songs about. If you know us well, you know that we have an eery way of making songs about things that haven’t happened yet, and having those things come true afterwards. Go to the FutureSongs page for details.
We are still alive! Come visit us at The Year of the Monkey

:::December 2003
We are locked in the studio working on the new album
Neon Healer. You can still catch us live around California check the shows section.

:::September 2003
New AntiQuark review on
click to read
Compilation Polar Coordination is out. Click to order, or email Cyndi it includes tons of great bands from all over the world and AntiQuark.

:::August 2003
New Mask CD review by INDUSTRIALNATION one of the best Industrial music mags. click
Check the new
AntiQuark T-shirts!!!

:::June 2003
It includes: Sixteens, Love Sharks, AntiQuark, Black Ice, The Phantom Limbs, Decanter, The Vanishing, Sector Protector.
Email for ordering and/or info: or

Finally! the results of KoverKontest

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