AntiQuark: MINISKY review by Marc Urselli on

MiniSky is the DEMO version of SKYDANCER – AntiQuark album that is coming out in the next weeks.

January 05 2008
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Artist: ANTIQUARK antiquarkfan {at} yahoo {dot} com ]
Title: MiniSky
Format: CD
I recall not particularly liking AntiQuark’s debut CD from one or two years ago and dashing out a not so favorable review back then. However, I am happy to find that, whatever course their music evolution took it definitely seems to have gone in the right direction, at least for my taste (it is all subjective after all).
The main difference here is that AntiQuark is not an all female duo anymore and Ant Dakini has now paired up with Sergio, who delivers all the vocals (except one song where she also sings). Since I used to like Maren, this is not what makes me like “MiniSky” more, I just think that the musical vision of AntiQuark has matured into something more cohesive, current, complete and interesting. I still hear a couple of synth lines here and there that I might not go for as a composer/producer, but in general the arrangements are much hipper and the sound palette is enticing. The male vocals give it touch of synth-pop sobriety and when you combine that with the disco-friendly electro-industrial-inspired programming, you have an artist that is however sub/consciously embracing a path where dark electronica is energized by dance floor beats, house/techno sensibility and an EBM heritage.
I believe this record is not released yet and there are rumors that Hungry Eye records might sign AntiQuark. Either way, keep your eyes peeled and look out for this when it hits the streets (or the ether I guess).
Review by: Marc Urselli-Schaerer

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