New updated post 9/27/2011

AntiQuark finalized the coversong of “Nothing to do with the dog” by Krisma.
It is available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!! at:

CHyberNation, the tribute to KRISMA from 23 international indie artists, is here!

Krisma (formerly Chrisma) was created in 1976 by Maurizio Arcieri, former member of beat band NEW DADA, who had also published a couple of 7” under his own name.

In 1976, after the start of an artistic collaboration with his wife Christina Moser, Maurizio asked PolyGram to change the name on his contract from Maurizio to Chrisma.

The duo debuted with two 7” (Amore and U), that we could classify in the sexy sound tradition, very alive at that time.

With these two records Chrisma began a collaboration with Nico Papathanassiou (Vangelis’ brother) resulting in
Chinese Restaurant, LP recorded in London, where punk was starting to spread.

After Chinese Restaurant the same team worked on another album (Hibernation). After its release, the band would change its name to Krisma, choosing to play the same innovative and sophisticated electronic music they are still recording today.

Many bands have declared Krisma their models and this is why we decided to build this well-deserved tribute.

CHyberNation, a title which is also a pun on the nature and history of the band, is a collection of Krisma, Chrisma and Maurizio songs by many international musicians.

Volvo Tapes, side project by Enrico Fontanelli of Offlaga Disco Pax, offers a new version of Gott Gott Electron filtered through the vintage sounds of tiny Casio keyboards (Enrico loves them as Krisma do); Andy (Bluvertigo) together with Cosmic Boilers plays a hot version of the seminal song Water, enriching it with his sax reminding of Psychedelic Furs; Roulette Cinese re-reads Cathode Mamma as a contemporary and snappy pop-hit;

American band AntiQuark chooses Nothing To Do With The Dog,
from American album Fido, and plays it aggressively and faithfully;

Californian DJ RedFlag re-writes Skyline, underestimated masterpiece from Iceberg album; we also have Loud Neighbor (We R) from Spain and La Kuizine (I Must Know Your Name) from France.

Some former stars of independent Italian music scene didn’t want to miss the chance to give their own covers: legendary XX Century Zorro of Miss XoX stands out with its phunk version of Many Kisses; awesome Avvoltoi get back to their historic cover of Who’s See Me Feel Me, recorded in Italian by Maurizio after he left New Dada
(Guardami, Aiutami, Toccami, Guariscimi), while mythical Johnny Grieco, former leader of Dirty Action, offers his version of Maurizio’s Cinque Minuti e Poi…

We also have many other bands from the underground scene, like Shivan (with an amazing emo-metal version of Aurora B.), Iso and La Magicienne D’Oz (Fritz Cavallo), El Pulpo, spin-off of Peluqueria Hernandez (a languid Lola, dark-room style), Tupolev & The Spam Lovers (Mandoia with a sparkling touch and Japanese hues), Xelius
Project who winks its eye at Kraftwerk and rearranges Telegram, Riky who gives an Arabic atmosphere to Lover, Adriano Canzian (a version of Black Silk Stocking perfect for DJs), our host Joyello (a deconstruction of immortal song C-Rock), Vico Dell’Amor Perfetto (Signorina) and many others.

Krisma, always active and alert, didn’t want to be mere onlookers and they appear in ChyberNation too. Maurizio Arcieri together with Magnetica Ars Lab offers a new version of Opera Punk, latest techno track produced by the band, and both Krisma step on the stage with Machina Amniotica for a live version of Samora Club, kindly offering
it for reproduction in this collection.

CHyberNation is a Joyello production for Strambelly Netlabel and is available for free download here:
CHyberNation (A Tribute to KRISMA)
dischi strambelly netLabel
© 2009


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