AntiQuark @ the Do Art Daily exhibit on March 24th, 2012

AntiQuark got accepted to present an amazing surprise at the Do Art Daily exhibit in San Diego on March 24th, 2012.

More details soon! Stay tuned!

February 7, 2012
Contact: Cara Mia Ciasulli; 619-309-8537

San Diego ‘Open Arts Collective’ Debuts March 24
Exhibit to Feature Titillating Works by More Than 30 Local Artists

San Diego — From dead honeybees entombed in paraffin to a catalogue of photographs capturing people consuming food, the upcoming Open Arts Collective (OAC) Do Art Daily event will showcase 31 select artists in a debut exhibit to be held from 6 to 10 p.m., March 24, at Space 4 Art, 325 15th St.

OAC founder Cara Mia Ciasulli brings together a diverse emporium of artists whose works extend to myriad mixed media that will also feature a blind artist’s take on “containers”; a musically-interactive iPad; pop-up musical performances including found sound manipulations, a 30th birthday celebration for the Commodore 64, and dance; fanciful takes from an imaginary dictionary; sculptures comprised of driftwood and seaweed and crochet-covered pebbles randomly distributed throughout the gallery.

Also included in the lineup is a series of acrylic paintings depicting the “concept of growth” by acclaimed artist Victor Angelo, a San Diego native whose colorfully complex paintings have graced gallery walls in Brazil, Japan and throughout Europe.

“San Diego is sprouting in the arts area, demonstrating much potential for a larger arts identity,” Ciasulli notes. “The Open Arts Collective aims to lend a fresh voice to our most innovative artists.”

OAC borrows from the concept of Philadelphia’s ArtClash! – which challenges artists in multiple cities to devote their time to projects over a month-long period. Those taking part in OAC have been asked to do the same throughout the month of February.

Ciasulli plans to coordinate OAC exhibits both annually and quarterly, citing that her call for local artists over the past month materialized swiftly and produced a rich bank of diversified talent embedded within the San Diego community.

The Do Art Daily exhibit next month will be free of charge and is an all ages event; donations are encouraged.

For media interviews with Ciasulli and/or any of the participating artists, please call 619-309-8537 or email

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