AntiQuark is ProSound Featured Artist

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AntiQuark: San Diego’s Female-Founded Experimental Electro Duo

May 17, 2012


The live electronic duo, AntiQuark, was founded in 2001 by keyboardist Ant Dakini and later joined by vocalist Sergio O. Mixing experimental musings, avant-garde twists and classic rock elements atop an electro-technowave foundation, AntiQuark has made audiences dance across Europe, throughout the USA and Mexico. Performing along with video by Davide Menegatti and movement by Samantha Sinister, AntiQuark’s shows are a hi-energy, multimedia experience.

The band has produced 5 albums and participated in a number of music festivals. AntiQuark has played MTV Tr3s; Fe/Male at Forte Prenestino in Rome; Gießerstraße 16 in Leipzig, Germany; San Diego Pride; LadyFest in Las Vegas and played with bands such as Orgy, Pigface, Le Tigre, Bettina Koster, Red Flag, Hanin Elias (Atari Teenage Riot), Godhead and The Last Dance. They have been featured in compilations and remixed by international producers like Marc Urselli, Chris Reynolds (Red Flag), Steve Morell (Pale-Music, Germany), Giulio Maddaloni, Electrovot, Phantom Power, The Tleilaxu Music Machine, The Moscow Coup Attempt, Traumahead Society, and Mosquito.

AntiQuark released the album SkyDancer in 2009 and will be releasing their new one, Riches to Rags, in 2012. Gear they have purchased, or had repaired, at ProSound here in San Diego includes: Korg MS2000; Roland Handsonic 10. Software AntiQuark has purchased from ProSound (this band is big on supporting local, small businesses) includes Ableton LIVE as well as a number of effects. We are also their go-to for cables and other accessories.

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