AntiQuark : El Bus (from Riches to Rags)

El Bus, by AntiQuark, the 1st track from the album Riches To Rags, originated from darker periods of life.

Role-playing Bukowski, one sits on a metro bus for its entire route along the southern tips of the city.  The story begins: ‘hopeless…we all work so hard and nothing will ever change’.  But one also learns that simple changes in perspective and pattern  can slip you out from the cage forever.

Music written by Ant Dakini. Vocals & lyrics by Sergio O.

Our hearts
          patiently, basically
    beat us to death

the bus
    leaves no hope
                     no hope for us
       for us
   never hope
   never hope for us

the dead on their feet
they drip drip drip
   along the streets
the drip drip drip
   their language speaks

if you only believe
   then how can you conceive
              little losses of life

Our hearts
          patiently, basically
    beat us to death

and i do
                 and all i see
this march of death
   come walk with me

that so old book
(they) told me to read
get Jesus Christ
lay down with me


but you only believe
       that which only believes
                 little losses of life
                                  …i am only breath…

i am breath
            the rest is death
      march to all the rest
            the rest all leads to death

                         still just working so hard
                                                       just to live dead.


Video editing and production by Davide Menegatti
Music by AntiQuark (Ant Dakini and Sergio O)

Footage shot on location in Italy and California by Dominique Guillochon and Ant Dakini

On screen talent: Nino Pluto

Wardrobe: Inferno (Torino, Italy)

Thanks to Ian Ashley and Brian at the House of the Future

Dominique Guillochon:

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