AntiQuark : The Man from Mars (Lunar Remix by Electrovot)

Track number 4 on AntiQuarkRiches to  Rags album – is The Man from Mars (Lunar Remix by Electrovot) .

Electrovot was formed in 2006 in Tijuana, Mexico, founded by songwriter/keyboardist Miguel Andrade, the vocalist/lyricist Rob Sandoval, and backing vocalist/songwriter/lyricist/keyboardist Fabrizio Chollet. The band fuses a danceable, dark, melodic style of EBM/Future Pop with lyrics that focus on the trials and tribulations of life and love.

The band has gigged extensively, sharing the stage with Daniel Ash, Grendel, Amduscia, State of the Union, FGFC820, Deus Ex Machina, No longer human, Noisex, Soil and Eclipse, and Noisuf-X, at venues in Tijuana, Mexico and Los Angeles, USA.

Their music has been played by DJ’s at Das Bunker (Los Angeles) and Sabbat (San Diego), as well as on Tijuana’s alternative radio stations and various industrial internet radio programs.

Their song “Dagger Doll”, in its original demo version was included on Das Bunker’s most recent compilation alongside other major acts.

In 2008, Electrovot got in contact with Krischan J.E. Wesenberg of the acclaimed German band, Rotersand, who was impressed with their potential, and decided to produce the band, enlisting the support of his colleague Thomas Lesczenski of :[SITD]:.

Here is a link to a free Electrovot track entitled “History” from the upcoming album via Cop International.

Electrovot Official on Facebook

AntiQuark Official on Facebook


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