AntiQuark : Shameless (Phantompowerdrill Mix By Phantom Power)

Track number 6 on AntiQuarkRiches to  Rags album – is Shameless (Phantompowerdrill Mix By Phantom Power).


Phantom Power Image

It happened on a late night liquor store break while electronic composers Juan Severino, and Viva Libre were working on a licensing project at their East LA based recording studio. As they walked out of their studio they saw a local scenester sporting tight purple pants, bright high top Nikes, and large white headphones unashamedly rocking out as he strutted by them blaring what seemed to be a muffled Justice song. Libre said to Severino “I feel East Los is going through a new adjustment in identity”. Severino replied “I think it’s time we start another project”. Little did they know the following weekend would begin to shape their new vehicle of expression.

The way Phantom Power came to be could be called a purposeful accident. As Severino has stated in an interview with Italian blog Chain DLK” We started our Live PA tag team when Viva’s friend needed DJs for a party. We had been working on original material… So there we are with an upcoming gig… already having a bunch of recorded snippets, samples, and riffs, we just decided to integrate them into a DJ set… when we saw the dance floor packed we knew we were onto something good. So that was our first show”.

Phantom Power’s roots reside deep in the underground indie and art scenes of Downtown and East Los Angeles. Severino and Libre had previously worked together in several bands and most notably as promoters of underground parties which quoting a local newspaper were “wildly popular… series of happenings that brought together artists, fashion designers, and musicians inside loft and warehouse spaces… often drawing hundreds of people into neighborhoods that would have otherwise been ghost towns after business hours.”

What may not be obvious by the duo’s list of accomplishments is that Phantom Power came through a natural progression as two longtime friends and effective collaborators now producer/DJs decided that despite their previous efforts, they never made a track that simultaneously recalled Daft Punk, Apoptygma Berzerk, and Metronomy.

Paying homage to their Los Angeles underground artistic and musical roots and seeking to push the limits of their indie dance house infused sets Phantom Power came to be.

Phantom Power have remixed Little Dragon’s Summertearz, Gold Zebra’s Useless Night, ESG’s Dance, Tune Yards’s Bizness, The XX’s Shelter, and to be released later this year Italian industrial band AntiQuark’s Shameless. They are also putting the finishing touches on original material  to be released in the Spring of 2012. Severino and Libre can be found playing parties, clubs, and guerilla events throughout Southern California.


Listen to Phantom Power music

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