AntiQuark : Nuklear Suicide (Like Lindsey Lohan Remix by Don Bleezy & The Tleilaxu Music Machine)

Track number 9 on AntiQuarkRiches to  Rags album is : Nuklear Suicide (Like Lindsey Lohan Remix by Don Bleezy & The Tleilaxu Music Machine).

Don Bleezy reworked a previous AntiQuark remix by The Tleilaxu Music Machine that appeared on the 2009 SkyDancer album.

Music by Ant Dakini.
Vocals & Lyrics by Don Bleezy. Music Mix by The Tleilaxu Music Machine.
Produced by Gabe De La Parra.
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D Bene Tleilax

The Tleilaxu Music Machine–recently renamed Pink Abduction Ray–is a electronic music project by D Bene Tleilax, based in Los Angeles and primarily focused on experimental styles of rave music. Harnessing a myriad of vibrant energies from galaxies both near and far, he aims to develop and transmit engaging dance music that simultaneously sends listeners’ minds to the depths of space while grounding their bodies with the urge to move in tandem with the powerful bass!

The Tleilaxu Music Machine 

The Tleilaxu Music Machine on SoundCloud



 Don Bleezy is originally from the CrestSide of Vallejo, CA. “From the soils where them rappaz be gettin their lingo from” in the rap game Don Bleezy represented his musical skills and formed the group Boss Playas with Big Mel and Jason. Putting his skills to use as a producer and a rap artist took him to the next level. Boss Playas were presented into the game by D-Shot of The Click. They dropped two highly anticipated CDs. Now taking over Long Beach, Don Bleezy is sure to be the next Russel Simmons. He is elevating to multimedia outlets and various creative projects. Showcasing his young tycoon skills with some of the hottest boat parties over the summer as well as other venues and constantly promoting along with making beats for young artists. You can find Don Bleezy big networking. Doin it big and keeping it pushing.

Don Bleezy on Reverbnation

Don Bleezy on Youtube


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