Carpeoro talks about the meaning of Adama

Carpeoro explained the meaning of the new AntiQuark video Adama during Border Nights an Italian internet radio program. He wrote the screenplay. The explanation starts at the minute 28:50 of the following video.

Carpeoro: << Adama means “RED MAN” or “MAN OF THE RED LAND”. There is an Egyptian myth for which a man of the origins existed, born directly from the god of creation known as Ptah: a potter god. This myth was also shared by the Native Americans for whom this potter god made terracotta statues, otherwise called “the Kaolin”. He created three clay statues and placed each in an oven. One ended up burned and it became the black man. One was undercooked and it became the white man. The third one cooked perfectly and that became the red-terracotta man. This was why Native Americans thought of themselves (the red men) to be the most beautiful breed in the world.

Ptah creates Adama and Adama is one with Ptah. Over time, for some reason, this relationship is lost. Adama, the red man, breaks down from his hermaphroditic, androgynous perfection and separates into the male and female entities; this breakdown creates disharmony.

In the video, a person comes to a moment of awareness during a dream (at the end it is revealed it is a dream-only-to-a-certain-degree). In this dream, he meets the two reflected deities of Ptah: Isis and Osiris, but the meeting turns into a clash.

Why do these two deities (Isis and Osiris) appear? Because they both are only parts of one deity that broke down into several manifestations, like other Egyptian gods, who are at war with one another.

Osiris had been killed by his brother, Seth, who had ripped his body apart and thrown the pieces into the Nile. Isis finds every body part except the fallus, performs a ritual, reassembles his body and brings Osiris back to life.

What’s the problem? That this divine story of separation translates into the human dimension, which also suffers and is equally contaminated by violence. In the video, this is symbolized by a rush of blood into a human footprint in the sand.

Man ends up at war with the gods who are already at war with each other. This is the symbol of complete retreat from the original divine dimension that is the dimension of unity and the reason why the gods in the video become hostile and pursue the man through countless, controversial historical events.

The story culminates with the man, who still does not know if he is dreaming, finding himself among the twin towers as they collapse.

There are a number of secondary concepts, the dance of the gods, who dance in a world that is first illuminated then becomes lunar and dark.

There are a whole series of derivative symbols that would take too long to explain, but I wanted to build an emblematic division story that has a degree of hope: that this “apparent dream” is brought to his awareness containing archetypes-of-truth therefore it is clear it is not just a dream.

It is the dimension of initiation of the dream-reality relationship we find in Shakespeare, and also in Calderón de La Barca’s “Life is a Dream”. It is the concept of death and awakening that we find in thousands of artistic works based on the relationship between dream and reality that is not so sundered as we may think. >>



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