AntiQuark : Drawer 4 (Hard Techno RmX by Traumahead Society)

Music by Ant Dakini; Vocals by Sergio O.
Remix by Pietro ‘Tannoizer’ Tannoia & Roberto ‘Hotrebor’ Altamura.

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AntiQuark : The AttaQ (Electronic Kraut Remix by Steve Morell)

Track number 5 on AntiQuarkRiches to  Rags album – is The AttaQ (Electronic Kraut Remix by Steve Morell) .

Steve Morell

Steve Morell, remixer, DJ, producer and musician, also known as the founder of record label “Pale Music Int.” and the German underground festival “Berlin Insane”.

As the founding member of the DJ & remix duo “The Scandals’ he worked on Remixes & Collaborations for artists like: Miss Yetti, Bruder & Kronsädta feat. Nina Hagen, Eric D. Clark, Ascii Disko, Punx Soundcheck feat. Marc Almond, Pink Grease, Neonman, Beroshima, Lola Angst, Atomizer, Junesex, The Nihilists, Boy George, Trafalgar, Schwefelgelb, DJ Donna Summer and DJ Wool. ‘The Scandals’ have released one 12” Single: “My Life Nightlife” and one EP feat. Eric D. Clark, as well as an album of their remixes: “Cutouts, Patchworks & Rippoffs”, which includes an own track featuring Peaches.As an international DJ Steve Morell plays at Clubs, and festivals all over the world and has himself produced remixes of: Mona Mur & En Esch, Gods of Blitz, The Vanishing, Diamanda Galas, Martha & The Muffins, Shed, AntiQuark, The Stylists, Narcotic Fields, The Prostitutes & Warren Suicide.

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 Morell is currently focusing on the work    for his new Solo Album “The Life and  Death of Jimmy Pheres and his Rise from the Underworld” which is completely recorde without electronics. In May 2010 the 12” single “Loneliness” is released, which includes remixes by Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) & Punx Soundcheck. The second single, “Lady Pheres” comes as a duet with Monica Pokorna May 2012. The full Album is going to be released late September 2012 and includes a huge spectrum of guest musicians like N.U.Unruh (Einstürzende Neubauten), Andi Sexgang, Valerie Renay & Sebastian Lee Philipp (Noblesse Oblige), Hank J. Manchini (Kill the Dandies!), Martin Craft (Jarvis Cocker Band), Nackt (Warren Suicide). The album is produced by Ragnar and Morell himself.

For May 2011, a dance orientated 12!” single is on schedule: “Floating over the abbys of an unknown wasteland / Get it up” featuring vocals of Monica Pokorna and Valerie Renay and the cover art of Danielle De Picciotto.

Current Remixes Releases: Fjorden Baby (NO), Mamasweed (DE), Italoporno (DE), Mona Mur & En Esch (USA/DE), Shed (FR), AntiQuark (US), The Prostitutes (UK/CZ), (UK/DE). Gay Fight Club (USA/DE), Die Alten Maschinen (CZ), Kill The Dandies (CZ),

Current Own Releases: Steve Morell – Loneliness 12”, Steve Morell – Song for your masters (Elegy Compilation FR)

For Management, Booking & Remix Requests please contact:

Steve Morell and Monika Pokorná in a Sneak Preview Clip
of the Paula Immich SS 20111 Collection

AntiQuark interview on Pop Roxx Radio

Listen to Ant, Sergio, Jamie and AntiQuark music on Pop Roxx Radio!

Interview with Ant Dakini and Sergio O. of AntiQuark ( by Jamie Roxx ( on Pop Roxx Radio.

AntiQuark : El Bus (from Riches to Rags)

El Bus, by AntiQuark, the 1st track from the album Riches To Rags, originated from darker periods of life.

Role-playing Bukowski, one sits on a metro bus for its entire route along the southern tips of the city.  The story begins: ‘hopeless…we all work so hard and nothing will ever change’.  But one also learns that simple changes in perspective and pattern  can slip you out from the cage forever.

Music written by Ant Dakini. Vocals & lyrics by Sergio O.

Our hearts
          patiently, basically
    beat us to death

the bus
    leaves no hope
                     no hope for us
       for us
   never hope
   never hope for us

the dead on their feet
they drip drip drip
   along the streets
the drip drip drip
   their language speaks

if you only believe
   then how can you conceive
              little losses of life

Our hearts
          patiently, basically
    beat us to death

and i do
                 and all i see
this march of death
   come walk with me

that so old book
(they) told me to read
get Jesus Christ
lay down with me


but you only believe
       that which only believes
                 little losses of life
                                  …i am only breath…

i am breath
            the rest is death
      march to all the rest
            the rest all leads to death

                         still just working so hard
                                                       just to live dead.


Video editing and production by Davide Menegatti
Music by AntiQuark (Ant Dakini and Sergio O)

Footage shot on location in Italy and California by Dominique Guillochon and Ant Dakini

On screen talent: Nino Pluto

Wardrobe: Inferno (Torino, Italy)

Thanks to Ian Ashley and Brian at the House of the Future

Dominique Guillochon:

AntiQuark : Aldila’

Aldila’ in Italian means the “Other World”.

This song, now on youtube, is an ambient cameo that appears on the AntiQuark album, SkyDancer.

Music and lyrics (in Italian) are by Ant Dakini.

C’era una volta
un uomo,
non capiva
l’importanza di vivere.

Un uomo
nel buio.

Un uomo
aveva terrore
di volare.

Un uomo

Un giorno,
Un giorno,
Un giorno forse.

La musica.

AntiQuark on stage with 3D holograms

AntiQuark on stage with 3D Holographic Design by Selwyn Lissack titled “Inner Space” (for movie backgrounds and concerts). According to Selwyn, this is meant to remind people that whatever exists in outer space also exists in InnerSpace.

Videos by Patty Rangel and Intrinsic M.

Holography (from the Greek ὅλος hólos, “whole” + γραφή grafē, “writing, drawing”) is a technique that allows the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed so that when an imaging system (a camera or an eye) is placed in the reconstructed beam, an image of the object will be seen even when the object is no longer present.

The image changes as the position and orientation of the viewing system changes in exactly the same way as if the object were still present, thus making the image appear three-dimensional.

This effect can be seen in the figure on the right where the orientation of the mouse is significantly different in the two images and its position relative to other parts of the scene has changed.

The holographic recording itself is not an image – it consists of an apparently random structure of either varying intensity, density or profile.

-source: Wikipedia

New SkyDancer review – recensione in Italiano

Original link — Link originale: ARTISTS AND BANDS MAGAZINE

Di provenienza artistica americana (California), gli AntiQuark sono un duo elettronico composto da Ant Dakini (italiana) e da Sergio Ordonez (panamense), e questo Skydancer è il loro primo (ed al momento unico) album.

Composto da 7 tracce inedite più vari remix e new mix il lavoro si snoda tra un’elettronica orecchiabile composta da atmosfere spesso eurodance e/o da club, come nel caso dell’opener “The man from Mars”, dove il l’evocativo cantato di Ordonez rende il brano efficace e di grande ballabilità. La scelta dei suoni appare sempre azzeccata, e l’imput di base è quello di ricercare nelle sfumature pop di molte canzoni qui presenti l’elemento dance, ma senza scadere nella banalità di molto musica del genere, cercando di conseguenza anche di sperimentare modalità sonore più dark wave (“Shameless”) e più nineinchnailsiane come nel caso della corrosiva e groovosa “Planet X”, dove la parte vocale si fa confidenziale e sensuale. Davvero ottimo il lavoro della Dakini nella strumentale “La fine”, tra percussioni jungle e ampio uso di synth, ma in generale le sue basi emergono sempre varie e stilisticamente interessanti, e quando lo sono di meno vengono in soccorso gli interessanti remix inseriti nella seconda parte dell’album.

In sostanza Skydancer è un buon album di elettronica a 360°, non rumoroso ma efficace e divertente, ben eseguito e prodotto che ci da la possibilità di apprezzare il lavoro di un interessantissimo duo dance da monitorare per il futuro.

AntiQuark 2011 Euro Tour

Here are the dates of AntiQuark 2011 Euro Tour.  More possible dates to be added.  For more info and


22 October in Olbia (Sardinia – Italy) @ Los Locos
Via Aldo Moro 367
OLBIA – Sardinia




26 October in Brescia (Italy) @ Aerosol Lab
Via Pasteur 29 – Villanova sul Clisi
with DJs Axel & Kerry and DJ Guest TOT en TANZ


31 October in Milano (Italy) @ Zoe Club – h.23:00
Piazza Anita Garibaldi 13 – Milano
Halloween night with DEUXVOLT (industrial gothic dance)

Facebook event page


10 November in Genova (Italy) @ Lucrezia
Vico dei Caprettari 16/18 r
with Vico dell’Amor Perfetto (New Wave)


12 November in Torino (Italy) @ United Club
Corso Vigevano 33, Torino