AntiQuark : Aldila’

Aldila’ in Italian means the “Other World”.

This song, now on youtube, is an ambient cameo that appears on the AntiQuark album, SkyDancer.

Music and lyrics (in Italian) are by Ant Dakini.

C’era una volta
un uomo,
non capiva
l’importanza di vivere.

Un uomo
nel buio.

Un uomo
aveva terrore
di volare.

Un uomo

Un giorno,
Un giorno,
Un giorno forse.

La musica.

New SkyDancer review – recensione in Italiano

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Di provenienza artistica americana (California), gli AntiQuark sono un duo elettronico composto da Ant Dakini (italiana) e da Sergio Ordonez (panamense), e questo Skydancer è il loro primo (ed al momento unico) album.

Composto da 7 tracce inedite più vari remix e new mix il lavoro si snoda tra un’elettronica orecchiabile composta da atmosfere spesso eurodance e/o da club, come nel caso dell’opener “The man from Mars”, dove il l’evocativo cantato di Ordonez rende il brano efficace e di grande ballabilità. La scelta dei suoni appare sempre azzeccata, e l’imput di base è quello di ricercare nelle sfumature pop di molte canzoni qui presenti l’elemento dance, ma senza scadere nella banalità di molto musica del genere, cercando di conseguenza anche di sperimentare modalità sonore più dark wave (“Shameless”) e più nineinchnailsiane come nel caso della corrosiva e groovosa “Planet X”, dove la parte vocale si fa confidenziale e sensuale. Davvero ottimo il lavoro della Dakini nella strumentale “La fine”, tra percussioni jungle e ampio uso di synth, ma in generale le sue basi emergono sempre varie e stilisticamente interessanti, e quando lo sono di meno vengono in soccorso gli interessanti remix inseriti nella seconda parte dell’album.

In sostanza Skydancer è un buon album di elettronica a 360°, non rumoroso ma efficace e divertente, ben eseguito e prodotto che ci da la possibilità di apprezzare il lavoro di un interessantissimo duo dance da monitorare per il futuro.

AntiQuark new video: Shameless

Intrinsic M started with the simple idea of putting the camera underwater and ended up creating a surprisingly profound video telling the story of Shameless.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we do:



Whatever I’ve done
to anyone
is coming back around

Whatever tears
I’ve poured from
taste wet on lips now

I’ve heard it all
‘cause I’ve said it all
I’ve seen it all
‘cause I’ve done it all

I’ve already felt this…

Her laughter will haunt me
so harshly
leave my eyes to pour like sand
it’s whatever I’ve done…whatever I’ve done
I so deserve

‘Cause I’m shameless
I keep a straight face
my voice will never change
as I lie to you
I’m shameless
I keep a straight face
my voice will never change
and I’ll lie to you
I’m shameless

There’s reasons for evils
I’ve already felt this before

I’m shameless
all this guilt I’ve built….I’m shameless

(AntiQuark –



Original article @ Reviewer Mag

Sky Dancin’ With Marine Biologist

AntiQuark, Sky Dancer

Hungry Eye Records

Review by Kent Manthie
The other day, someone turned me onto a relatively new band, AntiQuark, and their new CD, Sky Dancer, out now on Hungry Eye Records. AntiQuark is threaded by electronica, rock, pop and a kind of new-new wave style. Their first single, if you want to call it that, “Man From Mars” has a techno-club, dance beat behind a sensible pop melody.
The Atmospheric ethereality, notwithstanding, AntiQuark are a combo of pop music players nonpareil. The first track, “Man From Mars” was probably recorded as a label-catcher or radio-friendly fare, as its pop sensibility shows, but when one digs deeper, like “Planet X”, which mixes a mission control-to-spaceship radio contact sample with swirling sounds and an edgier beat, a song destined to be remixed infinitely for loud, danceteria club mixes. Besides the space connotations it evokes, “Planet X” also has a very sensual output to it, there’s something to it that would definitely bring two hot, sweaty club kids together in a feverish dervish sort of dance. “Shameless” is a sweaty, swinging minuet that oozes sex and is driven entirely by synths and drum machines.
The vocals on Sky Dancer remind me a little of The Wolfgang Press, but with a much more trance-inducing, mesmerizing, spaced-out, melting environment style.
Other songs worth mentioning are “Drawer 4”, another song that digs deeper into their electronica side along with “Planet X”, the latter of which starts out with samplings of mission control-to-spaceship radio transmissions and has an atmospheric, ethereal vibe to it that also gets all hot and bothered, with heated up sensuality and is sure to bring together two ecstasy and liquor-fueled club kids together.
Another song which leaves the space junk (ie, old satellites, orbiting scrap metal, etc, nothing to do with their awesome touch) behind and goes straight for the heart is “Aldila”, a slowed down, breathy sex storm of a song, just perfect for making love to, with its big beats, its quiet synth waves and whispered Italian lyrics, it is another kink in anyone who thinks this band is a one-song combo.
But it is a one-woman band. The entirety of AntiQuark is Ant Dakini, who founded AntiQuark in 2001 and since then has recruited SergioO to add the sensuality of his vocal style, which was a good move.
Besides being an innovative transcendent musician, Dakini is also a marine biologist who specializes in shark biology. So, she is a busy woman, to say the least, but a very studied woman as well as gifted with musical greatness.
Keep on listening and you should be tempted to buy the Sky Dancer for your next house party or for the next time you’re out clubbing and bring home some that special someone.


Artist: AntiQuark

Song: “Drawer 4” (from the CD Skydancer)

Heard by: Rick Tiland

I think it’s industrial and original. It sounds almost retro ’80s with a new-age influence. I liked it a lot, actually. I’d like to know more about the artist and where they’re from. I would say they’re similar to Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, maybe Tool. I think one of the lyrics was, “Leave my mansion.” The person seemed frustrated. Maybe it was a long night at a party and there were still a lot of people at the house and he just wants everyone to get out of his hair. Maybe the mansion is his head. Maybe he’s a frustrated artist who’s sick of people. I think they’re a little bit ahead of their time, so I think they might have some difficulty getting enough mainstream [exposure].


Nesreen a multi-talented young woman (singer, writer and much more!) wrote this wonderful report on Ant Dakini for Musician Spotlight Independent Project. Please check Nesreen’s wonderful voice at

Musician Spotlight: Ant Dakini

Ant Dakini is an unconventional woman, who nourishes her soul through the innovative pursuit of the passions in her life. Through her musical endeavors as well as outside of them, Ant has also shown compassion in her surrounding community on both a local and universal level. Ant is the creator and other half of AntiQuark, a San Diego electronic band. Their music is hard to pin into just one category. It is an independent departure from mainstream, with roots to many techno and other forms of music world-wide but mainly European, specifically the large electronic movement in England and Germany. Each song experiments with different sounds ranging from Tahitian tribal drums providing a strong beat to Italian military chants spliced into a dance track, giving the music a sense of diversity and ingenuity. Born and raised in Italy, Ant showed early signs of musical talent.

At an intuitive age of 4, she found herself learning to read music by ear, without direction. By the age of 10, she had begun classical piano lessons. She went on to study piano for the next four years at the Italian Conservatorio in Torino and although Ant enjoyed this type of music she was not solely satisfied with the confinement of recreating and repeating the works of others (Ant Dakini Biography). She was more interested in creating her own music and not in rigorously training as a career classical musician. Ant decided instead, to pursue another academic passion and chose to study marine biology. She received her Master’s degree in this subject and went on to a career as a marine scientist specializing in sharks. Meanwhile, she joined a cover band as a teen then an all female radical punk band in 1992 before she moved to San Diego in 1997. She started her current band, AntiQuark as a solo project in 2001 with Sergio joining in 2006 (AntiQuark on MySpace). From 2002 to 2006 she completed a degree in sound engineering and recording art and has been working with Sergio to produce their recent album and has toured worldwide.

When Ant describes her influences, they are varied and timely. She explains how classical music has been an underlying influence because of her training as well as pop, punk, metal, experimental and noise genres in the 80’s. The next decade would bring the influence of electronic music as well as bands such as Alice in Chains and Simple Mind. Her current band’s music falls into the electronic genre as well as pop, experimental and dance. Her audiences, just as her sound, are eclectic and diverse. AntiQuark has entertained fans of all ages, races and of all musical tastes. AntiQuark’s repertoire is all self written music and lyrics, recording only one cover for a compilation album, Ant describes, “We don’t like doing covers because we like to be creative and do our own thing.” Ant Dakini is the composer and producer of the band and plays the keyboard while Sergio writes and sings vocals. At shows, they usually play songs off of their most recent album, “SkyDancer” and occasionally play songs off of past albums Ant produced before Sergio’s addition. Ant is featured n many compilation and her songs have also been frequently remixed .The instruments that Ant uses are the keyboard and computers and musical software programs. Through this she is able to create an infinite number of sounds and combinations to fit each song. The band also occasionally uses electric guitars and live percussion.

Tracks from ‘SkyDancer’ are brimming with energy, having both a haunting and uplifting feel at the same time. The mixture of elements transcends popular music and creates a distinctive profound quality. One of my favorite tracks, ‘Planet X’, does just this as the voice samples, fluid beat, futuristic and rough effects and smooth vocals bring forth the imminent crisis of the world’s obsession with consumption. Another song titled, ‘La Fine’ is a beautiful and lively intermingling of drums and nature sounds, and in my opinion, is a tribute to wildlife. Whether it is through the mood of the music or the lyrics themselves, messages like these need to be communicated through music since it is such an influential medium.

Ant aspires to write more music and continue to release her creativity in the future. This is an important objective in the conception of her music yet she also has a goal that relates to the connection with her audience. She aims to communicate and reach people at a deeper level of understanding and share a part of herself through her music. She would like for people to truly enjoy her performances, feeling as though it was a meaningful experience.

Keeping with the common theme of variety, the shows Ant plays are also diversified. Venues range from discos or clubs to bars and even large festivals. She describes that there have been shows at dive bars with only five people present and huge festivals in Europe housing over 2000 people. One show that she remembers fondly was at the Social Center in East Germany. She describes her European shows as more exciting since the electronic music scene carries more momentum there. The show in Germany shares a certain quality with many European shows in that they are often held in abandoned warehouses, entertain an independent art crowd and are at the edge of legality. At their shows, Ant uses some prerecorded material as it would be impossible to play all the parts herself. She must stay on beat but does have the liberty to make changes if she chooses. It all goes through a PA system and is apparently relatively simple to set up. Ant describes their shows and explains that she is somewhat physically restricted to be behind the keyboard but that Sergio does engage the audience uses the stage area while singing. She also explains her ambitions for forthcoming shows. She includes a visual component in every show, displaying clips and images that compliment the music and add to the experience, creating more energy.

In addition to AntiQuark, Ant also composes music for films and works as a freelance audio engineer. She has scored many films including, ‘Litorra’, ‘The Second Movement’, ‘The Wetlands’ and ‘In the Dark’. Ant Dakini was honored for her talents and won the first prize in the 2005 Media Arts Award Competition – Audio Category (composer, engineer and producer) for the album Neon H. The award was sponsored by the Multimedia and Entertainment Initiative of the California Colleges’ Economic and Workforce Development Program (Ant Dakini on MySpace).

Ant describes her association and experiences with two types of communities. First, she laments that although she enjoys San Diego, the community within musicians has been discouraging. She has tried to reach out and unite other electronic artists and has not had been satisfied with the outcome. The music community here, in comparison with Europe is much more private and not as social. This can be a detrimental quality as social networking can lead to unique opportunities and synergy, and the case of activism through music, the voices of many versus one can make more of an impact. Next, she describes her involvement with the general community. AntiQuark has played many charity shows advocating several causes such as women’s rights, gay pride, and animal rights. Aside from her musical statements and support projects, Ant is furthermore committed to the conservation of the marine animals, especially sharks. A friend of animals, she also works as a volunteer for a rescue association in San Diego (Ant Dakini Biography).

Ant Dakini’s determination and motivation are a great inspiration to many women and are even more sincere because they root from intrinsic sources. It is clear that she enjoys what she does, whether it is in her career life or in her free time. She has utilized her talent without degrading the content and her creativity which is a feat in itself. To many, this is what constitutes true art.



AntiQuark: SkyDancer

by M. Genovese

Cosa hanno in comune Torino, Panama ed il mare della California? AntiQuark, semplice no? No non sto delirando! Il duo statunitense AntiQuark raccoglie in sé tutte queste anime a partire dalla sua fondatrice  Ant Dakini biologa italiana con alle spalle alcune pubblicazioni sugli squali fino ad arrivare a Sergio, voce del gruppo, nato negli Stati Uniti ma vissuto a Panama arricchendosi delle influenze tipiche della mistica latino-americana.

Il loro lavoro, SkyDancer, edito dall’etichetta indipendente Hungry Eye Records è l’ultimo di una lunga serie cominciata nel 2002 e si presenta come un lavoro di una certa eterogeneità che ben rappresenta le molteplici fonti d’ispirazione  che influenzano il duo californiano.

The Man from Mars apre le danze con le strutture ritmiche dei synth , abilmente addomesticati da Ant, che si fondono appieno con le ambientazioni profonde della vocalità quasi mistica di Sergio, che chiude il brano quasi sussurrandoci che quest’universo, ad un marziano sembra in fondo in fondo non consentire niente.

Nella seconda traccia, Shameless, basso e beat si inseguono su di un tappeto di pads a dare profondità all’ottima voce di Sergio ispirata ai mitici anni 80. In breve sequenza poi Planet X sunto del pensiero naturalista degli AntiQuark e Drawer 4 dalle atmosfere da scena rave anni 90 scandite dalle melodiche continue e ripetute come un mantra e la voce a rendere il tutto quasi ipnotizzante. La quinta traccia, La Fine, dai ritmi tribali incessanti a far da base ai suoni della natura incastonati nei pads, avvalora ancor di più la vocazione al meltin’ pot degli AntiQuark. La natura la fa da padrona ispirando questo brano in cui i suoni come gocce d’acqua danno vita e dinamismo a La Fine.

In chiusura, prima di una buona serie di tracce remixate da artisti vicini al gruppo, la mia preferita, Aldilà, una favola elettronica, un’ambientazione magica da ascoltare rigorosamente dopo le 23 di un lunedì invernale nelle strade semideserte di una grande metropoli europea. Un cammeo di poco piu di due minuti e mezzo sintesi di tutte le qualità degli AntiQuark. Insomma un album da ascoltare, da ballare e passatemi l’espressione: ”Da meditazione”. Ovviamente  su myspace e